The XION Platform is
a blockchain that combines
the e-learning paradigm.

We provide an eco-system for the XION Blockchain that connects lecturers
and learners through the integration of blockchain technology
and the EUD eco-system.
This is achieved by combining GANGEBADA’s platform with XION tokens.

What is XION Token?

At present, GANGEBADA provides online education for license qualifications, training for public officers, Chinese language training and self-development. In the future, a wider variety of educational content is scheduled to be delivered via the GANGEBADA Platform.
We also plan to build an open platform where any individual or organization equipped with knowledge content or know-how can create and upload a lecture to service learners.

Through forging cooperation with organizations such as the public board for small businesses and artisans who have practical know-how and experience, we offer content on starting businesses, honing skills, implementing marketing and improving business efficiency through the online platform. In doing so, GANGEBADA supports the infrastructure and technologies needed to promote the creation of lecture content.

In doing so, GANGEBADA supports the infrastructure and technologies needed to promote the creation of lecture content. In the future, anyone who requires the knowledge gained from know-how in a certain field will be able to visit GANGEBADA to receive optimized educational content, while the lecturer receives due returns on their content.

Within this plan, Xion Token plays an important role as a tool to boost the value of educational services and effective learning, while also serving as a fair and reasonable payment method.

GANGEBADA > Watch Video

Electrician (lecture by professor Seongmin Hong)

GANGEBADA > Watch Video

Electrician (lecture by professor Jeonghyeon Suh)

Tracking of progress in learning

Acceleration of challenges

Social sharing

System for the distribution of tokens

XION Platform Ecosystem

When Xion coins are used on GANGEBADA to pay the tuition for courses, GANGEBADA recognizes the listed price of Xion coins on the exchange to determine how many coins are needed.
Even when Xion coins are listed for 50 won but the trading price on the exchange drops to 30 won, if Xion coins are used to pay the tuition, then the listed price of 50 won is recognized per coin.

The minimum value of Xion coins is maintained through the online learning services of GANGEBADA, as well as the trading value of the coins to increase the practical value and future value of Xion coins.
By maintaining the minimum value, GANGEBADA may face a loss of opportunities to increase revenue, but if the value of the coin rises through the stable use of Xion coins, then the value of the coins will increase, leading to a win-win situation for Xion coin holders and GANGEBADA.

Anticipated revenue associated with XION Tokens

Ramifications of the XION platform

  • Stabilization of the private education market: The burden to receive expensive private tutoring is reduced and equal opportunities for education can be offered
  • Promotion of corporate training: Corporate training can be moved online for service providers to boost added value, while corporate clients can offer highly efficient training at a low cost
  • Private institutions or lecturers who have good content but lack a profit model or have poor levels of profitability can be provided with profit-generating opportunities at a low cost through the service platform
  • Growth of the solutions market and increased opportunities for exports

Future direction of XION

  • Heated competition is anticipated due to low entry barriers
  • Continued increase in demand due to the demand for life-long education and corporate training
  • Companies with long experience in offline education, capital and brand equity will have a clear advantage in the market

Token Detail

Token symbol : XION

Total number of outstanding tokens

10,000,000,000 XION

Date of Issuance

2019. 07. 31

Base technology for the crypto-currency




Distribution of tokens

  • Company Holdings 50%
  • R&D and Marketing 20%
  • Funding Team 12%
  • IEO(Pre-sale) 13.5%
  • Reverse 4.5%

Use Of Proceeds

  • Company Holdings 50%
  • Marketing 15.5%
  • Platform Development 4.5%
  • Funding Team 12%
  • IEO(Pre-sale) 13.5%
  • Reverse 4.5%

Road Map

June 2019

Project planning
(Sharing of the GANGEBADA XION Platform)

July 2019

XION Token (Technical) Whitepaper
Design & Minimum Variable
ERC20 Token issued
(10 billion token)

August 2019

Private Sale
(For users of the GANGEBADA platform)

December 2019

Crypto-currency Exchange (in Korea)

February 2020

XION Platform
NEW App Storyboard Plan & Design

April 2020

Crypto-currency Exchange (international)
NEW App Storyboard Plan & Design

July 2020

Main-Net to be launched

Executive Team

Members of the planning, development and marketing team for the XIO Project.


Advisors that support the XIO Project